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Baby Silk Cot Bed Duvet

Our cot bed silk-filled duvet is as post and soft as babies. At Peony Box, we believe that babies and children should also benefit from silk's health benefits, so give your little one the best start in life with our special made duvets for babies. Our silk-filled duvets for babies maintain the right humidity and body temperature, providing infants with unmatched comfort and you with peace of mind.

Each of our children's silk duvets is handmade using only the finest Mulberry silk, and traditional methods. This means they are naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, which is perfect for young children's delicate skin. They prevent allergies and skin irritation which makes for an even more comfortable night's sleep.

Our cot bed silk-filled duvet carries the Oeko-Tex accreditation and is 100% handmade only using the best long quality long mulberry silk.

Available in medium all-season weight.