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Do you struggle to sleep at night? If so, you're not alone as 16 million other Brits too share this trouble. But did you know there is a change you can make to your sleeping habits that are scientifically proven to help you get the great night's rest you deserve?

The answer lies in adding a silk filled duvet to your bedtime routine...

What Is Mulberry Silk And Why Choose Peony Box?

First of all… let's get to the basics. Mulberry silk is produced from silkworms fed entirely on Mulberry leaves. It is renowned for its quality worldwide as its filaments are longer, more refined and uniform in colour and texture than wild silk. Wild silk is rough and less springy in turn making wild silk duvets far from ideal for a relaxing night sleep,

However, not all mulberry silk duvets are created equal. The quality of the silk duvets is determined by the manufacturing process of the raw silk filling. At Peony Box, we offer the most exclusive handmade mulberry silk-filled duvets, using traditional craftsmanship to harness the unique benefits and properties of the silk.

Our mulberry silk-filled duvets are always 100% handmade and never use bleach and other additives. We're just like you and know it's so important to take things back to nature, for not only sustainability but our wellbeing too

Why Is Mulberry Silk Better Than Other Bedding?

The key difference is simple - but has a massive effect on sleep. Traditional duvets work as thermal insulators which just keep the heat in ensuring you stay warm. However, silk duvets instead work as thermal regulators. This means they keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold, preventing you from overheating during sleep. By keeping you at the right temperature, our silk duvets are proven to enhance your sleep quality by reducing tossing and turning and waking up due to overheating

The Science Behind Silk-Filled Duvets

Highly Breathable

The secret is due to the construction of silk fibres which have 33-38% hollow space. These tiny holes allow air to flow more freely thus making a silk-filled duvet highly breathable. When you are hot, a silk duvet can help with absorbing and venting excessive body heat and moisture to the ambient environment preventing you from overheating.

Temperature Control

Mulberry silk brings a welcome goodbye to unbearably hot nights, and those long cold ones too. This is due to the unique layered feature of our 100% handmade silk filled duvets. It helps to retain heat and promote easier airflow, whilst also providing the additional benefit of lightness in weight. A perfect all-rounder, silk duvets have a unique and incredible natural ability to regulate temperature. This is down to how breathable the fabric is, which allows you to snuggle up at a stable temperature no matter what the weather is like outside. Silk's natural ventilation process also prevents body heat and moisture building up under the duvet, meaning no more waking up in the night damp.

Perfect Micro-Climate

No more turning and tossing or night sweats due to overheating. Our silk duvets' active temperature control properties create a dry and cool sleep environment which helps maintain a lower core body temperature. This enhances REM sleep which usually minimises your body temperatures defence.

Immense Comfort

Possibly the most important thing when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep - mulberry silk is soft and supple on your skin. Considering we spend approximately eight hours a day in our bedding, we owe it to ourselves to ensure we are being as kind to our skin as possible.

Tip - Make sure you introduce a mulberry silk eye mask to your sleep routine to fully experience what a great night’s sleep should feel like that.


Do you suffer from allergies? Our mulberry silk duvet is perfect for you as it is naturally hypoallergenic ( as well as fire-resistant) so no chemical treatments are needed. Also, silk is the only natural fibre that has continuous filament fibres rather than shorter staple fibres. The handmade process behind the silk duvet keeps fibres long and unbroken, reducing the chance of airborne fibres causing allergies.

So why not give it a go and join thousands of others and transform the quality of your life by investing in your sleep. With a 10 years guarantee, it costs less than 10p per night for an unmatchable sleep experience. Wake up well-rested and ready to shine with your very own handmade silk filled duvet from Peony Box.