Peony Box is a UK based company launched by Juliana and Sophia in 2006.  

As a Taiwanese student in the UK, Sophia was astounded that most people here didn’t know about, let alone sleep under silk filled duvets and were unaware of silk's many benefits. Shivering in Winter and overheated in Summer under a synthetic duvet, Sophia recognised that there was a gap in the bedding market. Together with mother-in-law Juliana, it was decided to bring a taste of the Far East to the UK.

Juliana and Sophia spent the next twelve months researching the market and Sophia personally travelled to China in search of the very best handmade duvets.  Having worked closely with their chosen supplier, both partners have been impressed with their passion and commitment to producing the finest handmade silk duvet using only traditional processes, ensuring all the natural benefits that silk provides are fully retained.

Peony Box remains a family run business which has stayed true to its commitment to customer satisfaction, providing products of superior quality whilst ensuring that ecological standards are met at all times. They are the first UK based provider of silk bedding to attain the much-coveted Oeko-Tex certification.