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Mulberry Silk Beauty Accessories

Elevate your sleep like never before with our indulgent range of silk beauty accessories.

Our silk eye mask and pillowcase are made using the finest charmeuse Mulberry silk, famed for its anti-ageing properties. Delicate to the touch, our silk beauty products are hypoallergenic too meaning you can say goodbye to allergies and get a comfortable nights sleep.

Dreaming of waking up with hydrated skin and smooth hair? With its amazingly smooth properties texture and beauty benefits, our 22 momme pure mulberry silk pillowcase is ideal to protect both your skin and hair as it helps to retain moisture, prevents bedhead and keeps creases at bay.

Pair with our luxury silk eye mask for optimal silk. Acting as the perfect finishing touch to any deep sleep, our silk eye mask not only is soft on your eyes, it also blocks out light perfectly.

Our silk eye mask and pillowcase carry the Oeko-Tex accreditation and are 100% handmade only using the best quality long mulberry silk and traditional methods.